Capture the Flag returned to Codemash this year and provided a great deal of entertainment for all involved. It followed the same format as last year’s contest, where flags were released daily in the days leading up to the conference, with the last flag being revealed at 6pm on the second to last day of the conference.

The CTF had five easy, five medium, and five hard challenges. I will cover them in the order that they appear on the CTF website.

  1. Ascii Art
  2. Esoteric Stuff
  3. Capture the falg
  4. Unicorn
  5. Busted File
  6. Mrs. Robot
  7. Espresso
  8. Danger Zone
  9. Dot Nutcracker
  10. Krafty Kat
  11. The Parrot
  12. Stacked Up
  13. Ghost Text
  14. Cars
  15. On Site Challenge