Last year at Codemash they had the first Capture the Flag (CTF) and it was very successful. They decided to bring it back for 2018 and the format was changed a bit. The official site has all of the rules and information, but the basics of it were that a single puzzle was released at midnight in the 2 weeks leading up to the conference. This allowed people to solve them at a more leisurely pace and not have to cram them in during the conference. Also the puzzles this year are a bit easier (but still challenging), which makes them more accessible to the entire audience of codemash.

Now that the CTF is over and the winner has been crowned, I thought I would share my solutions, so others can learn and share how they solved the problems.

I created a GitHub repo for any of the custom code I wrote for the CTF.

  1. Do you like my Style?
  2. Hobo Robo
  3. 1337 Riddler
  4. Super Eyesight
  5. Bools for Fools
  6. Withcraft
  7. Happy Eyes
  8. Lock
  9. Meow
  10. Chest
  11. Bacon
  12. On-site Challenge
  13. Alice
  14. Security Regulations
  15. P.A.L.M. Login