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This is a zip file that contains a git repository. Which contains a zip file, which contains a git repository, and so on and so forth. Looking at the git repository, it looks like there is a deleted file, so if we reset the repository, the file is restored.

Since there is a pattern to the names, it should be pretty easy to script.


Add-Type -assembly "system.io.compression.filesystem"
$currId = $startId;

    $next = ($currId-1).ToString().PadLeft(4,"0")  
    $currStr = $currId.ToString().PadLeft(4,"0")
    [io.compression.zipfile]::ExtractToDirectory("D:\temp\cmgit\$currStr\$next.zip", "D:\temp\cmgit")
    cd "D:\temp\cmgit\$next"
    git reset --hard
    $currId = $currId -1;
} While( $currId -gt 0)

Then I can invoke the script using

.\1000.ps1 1000

This worked for the first 100 entries and then the format changed. For number 901, it skipped 900 and went to 0899.zip. I renamed folder 0901 to 0900 and continued on.

.\1000.ps1 900

This worked until 0613 where the zip file simply contained an image named trunk.jpg:

After a bit of playing and seeing that there were multiple commits on the branch, I reset to 2 commits back (git checkout HEAD~2) and the zip file followed our pattern again.

.\1000.ps1 0613

This worked until 278 which had an image named scooter.jpg and a zip file:

Checking the branches, there is a new branch called blaster:

λ  git branch -l
* master

Switch to that branch and continue on: .\1000.ps1 278

That worked until 0044, which wasn’t a valid git repository. I went back to the 0045 directory and tried to extract the zip file and was prompted for a passowrd. The original file name offered a hint on where to look:

Doing a git log on the 0045 folder yields: commit b364135b78a640c2889dc1fc44e5e1c3326b8cd2 (HEAD -> master) Author: Gorilla [email protected] Date: Thu Dec 7 09:42:54 2017 -0500

Commit committed. Pass is fluffy99

Reset the git repo again and continue on.

.\1000.ps1 0044

This leads us to folder 0001, which has a flag image inside it:

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