Mrs. Robot has hidden a flag for you.

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How can you tell search engines, not to scan your files?


The page that you hit gives you a textbox where you can enter text. Javascript then appears to MD5 the text and take you the {MD5}.html page. The hint gives us a big clue that we should look at the robots.txt file on that server. The contents of that file were:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /481065fd79b253104aeab5ca5c717cd5.html

Browsing to that page gives us the clue:

fatatu = pataje

Since I did last years CTF, I remember ROILA (but a google search also returns it as the first hit), so I look those words up and it yields word = winter. Typing winter into the textbox takes us to f6432274349b5cb93433f8ed886a3f37.html which contains our flag:


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