14 - Security Regulations
Due to some new privacy regulations this flag had to be shred. The classification will be secret or topsecret depending on the content.


Left over shred inside the paper shredder


Following the link gives you shred text:

Shred 1: 
Note: the other shreds are classified as «topsecret»!


Since the URL has a number in it, maybe we could change the 1 to a 2. Doing that results in shred text of:

Shred 2: 
Note: the contents on this shred were sanitized!


The URL also contains the word secret and there was mention in the clue of secret and topsecret, so if we change the URL to topsecret_challenge_shred2.html, we get the following text:

Shred 2


Uupdate the URL for #3 and we get the text:

Shred 3


Combine them together for the flag of


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