13 - Alice
Follow the white rabbit.

With a hint image of:

white rabbit


Looking at the image, it is really big for a jpg. Also looking at the file in a text editor, you see mentions of other files:

Looking more deeply at the file, there appears to be a zip file after all of the bytes in the JPG. I extracted the bytes for the zip file using BE.HexEditor and copied them to a new file.

After extracting the zip you are given three files.

Opening each of those files in a text editor finds that there is exif data giving you hints:

In forest:

This image has a protected secret.

In meadow:

This meadow is all dried out. Check the water first.

In water:

steghide was here. With an empty passwor

I used an online steghide tool to extract the data.

Water yields the result:

You search the whole place but you can't find anything.


Now get out before you get flushed down.

Not much helpful in there, but Meadow yields the result:

So you think a mole can speak?!


Lucky you, this one can!

He's name is Fred and he tells you the passphrase:


Forest appears to be password protected, so we take the password from meadow and apply it.

This yields the flag

Congratulations here is the flag!


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